I invited friends whom I have known for less than a month and complete strangers on the streets to come hold hands, listen to music (chosen by both of us) and have a conversation while lying close together.




Sonya Stefan (participant): I think you are deconstructing intimacy, first by doing it with constructing certain spaces that allow for it. Is intimacy a constructed thing? Does intimacy get constructed in certain spaces? When certain spaces are provided…does this allow for intimacy? But by recording the intimate moments….allow for the knowledge that you are being seen (even though it is by a camera) does this affect the intimate act wo people make when they choose to be together in a space?

Me: I think the sensitivity and openess to be authentic and vulnerable are heightened by intimate moments.  I think intimacy is always there, like sunlight and that night/darkness is the result of the earth’s rotation but sunlight is always present but for it to be “seen”, it is dependent of time and space of the observer.  Sunlight is obviously alot easier to detect, it’s bright and its warm.  Intimacy on the other hand is alot less tangible to the senses and is also very subjective and personal.  I think it comes as a feeling and certain spaces, people and environments allow for different levels of intimacy to be felt.  So I think intimacy is always present and intimate moments are the result of constructed space.  I’m not sure what intimacy actually is…..but i think it’s related to allowing oneself to feel, listen and reveal.

Montreal, August 2014.


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