Organic Matter(s)/ed

High On Life

My current work involves the somatic research of organic materials as well as personal and collective practices that serve as a frame whereby ideas of intimate spaces are explored and boundaries blurred between the spectators and performer. High On Life is a site specific research and continuation of non-verbal communication, body somatics, desolving boundaries between spectator/performer, occupation/co-habitation of public space and collective/individual sensing, listening, moving  and co-creating together.

Part 1- Piece Of Mind

As part of Montréal Monochrome III : Dé-Faire L’authentiqu. Performed at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, 2015.  This piece is an attempt in creating felt presence of immediate experiences through the practice of intuition, authentic/collective sensing and listening between performer and spectator.  The spectator has a choice to participate or not and to freely explore the space. Verbal/non-verbal cues are given to audience as an open structure for somatic, creative and kinesthetic explorations.



Part 2

You’re A Superspa (Promo/Demo/Pro Bono)

Back to the basics: How to start a spa business

Performed at ContainR Site, Calgary, Canada.

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