Seeds Cast Afar From Our Roots. A 3-hour durational work in collaboration with Angie Cheng & Chi Long. Montréal, Art-interculturels (MAI) 2019 program. Montreal, Canada.

Yellow Fever. A solo installation & performance. LaCentrale Galerie Powerhouse. Montreal.


FurDiaper Ritual For the Living Dead a Dance Film as part of #FurtureVisions: Uchronia I What If? Hyperpavilion curated by Philippe Riss-/Schmidt. 57th Venice Biennale.

Conversation with Another While Being. 4- week Durational Installation /Performance.      ARTICULE 2017 Program. Montreal, Canada.

Singularity Choreography & Performance at Le Petite Scène. La Rotonde, Centre Chorégraphique contemporain de Québec. Québec City, Canada.

Psychic Dances. One on One Installation/Performance. VIVA Event presented by Atellier Céladon. Café Cléopatra. Montreal, Canada.


S.A.D. Presented by Shake It Collaborations. In collaoration with Tove Salin, Hana Van Der Kolk, Joy Mariama. Turteatre. Stockholom, Sweden.

Feminist Interventions. Re-enactments & Tributes. TanzCongress. Hannover, Germany.

Essen Und Sex.  3-day durational performance. Concept by Alisa Tretau & Julia Laube. Studio Baustelle.  Berlin, Germany.

Peeled with Scent. Installation & Performance. LePetit Festival. Paris, France.


High On Life. Solo work. Montréal Monochrome III : Dé-Faire L’authentique. Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, Canada.

#Boxtape. Site specific Installation/performance –in collaboration with Peter Trosztmer, Jeremy Gordaneer, Thea Patterson, Elinor Fueter, Sonya Stefan, Lois Brown, Nathan Yaffe, Sigrid Patterson ,Chi Long, Emmalie Ruest, Karen Fennell,  Audre Juteau, Gabriel Painchaud, Robin Pineda Gould.  Tangente & Festival Phenomena, Montreal, Canada.

Alchemical Androgeny of the Third Kind. Edgy Redux Festival Soirée Des Oracles. La Sala Rosa. Montreal, Canada.

YES & MORE. Série Public Plus: Qollectif Qouleur. Montréal, Art-interculturels. Montreal, Canada


Box Booth. A Research on Intimacy. CINAR Festival. Box-Tape. Peter Trotzmer & Artists.. Paper Mill Factory, Griffintown, Montreal, CAN.

Abstract Lap Dance. A Research on Intimacy 1 on 1 Part 2. Sala Rosa, Montreal, Canada.

All Dressed. Short & Sweet #14 Cover Edition. Festival TransAmériques 2014. Wants & Needs Danse Event. Montreal, Canada.

Manifesto From a TREE. A Solo Durational Performance. F OFF Festival. Event by Peter Trotzmer & Artists. Paper Mill Factory, Griffintown, Montreal, CAN.


Fur Diaper Ritual For the Living Dead: Conception. Fluid Festival. Theatre Junction Grand. Calgary, CAN.

Sacred/Secret Fake Love Letters Club. Twelve-hour Installation. Ponderosa Summer Festival Stolzenhagen, Germany.

2012      * older works are availabe upon requests



Orchestrated Accidents, a 4-hrs performance choreographed by Dorian Nuskind-Oder as part of Retrospective Exhibition on Françoise Sullivan.  Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, Canada.

Post_Cunt : a Dance Film by Lari Jalbert.  Cinema Politica Concordia University of Montreal.


Cosmic Love by Clara Furey. Danse Danse 2017 Production. Cinquième Salle. Place des Arts. Montreal. CAN.

Make a Line by Francisco-Fernando Granados. 4hr durational performance. MAI (Montréal, Art-interculturels) Montreal, CAN.


Research & Presentation with Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods. Stope, Germany.


Situations by George Stamos. Agora De La Danse Fall 2015 Program. Montreal.


Rebirth by House Of IA. A Durational Performance. Off-Fusebox Festival. Austin, U.S.A.

SQUART (Spontanous Queer Art) Performance by Laura Larrington. Fusebox Festival Austin, U.S.A.


Walkapolis by Maija Hirvanen. In Collaboration with Mia Habib. Helsinki Summer Festival, Finland.

Practices of Looking by Snövit Hedstierna. Durational Performance. Göteborgs Konst Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Untitled Performance by Keith Henessey. Ponderosa Summer Festival. Ponderosa Movement & Discovery. Stolzenhagen, Germany. 


Too Shy to Stare by Davis Freeman PS 122 Festival, New York, New York.



DanceWeb Scholarship Program Recipient at ImpulzTanz. Vienna, Austria.

MURMURS Residency and Scholarship at Betonest, Brandenburg, Germany


Queeries Residency & Scholarship at Ponderosa, Brandenburg, Germany.

Emerge Interdisciplinary Residency & Scholarship at Earthdance. MA, USA.


Copycat Academy Schorlarship.10-day workshop at Luminato Festival facilitated by Hana Herzog and Meg Stuart. Toronto, Canada.

ContainR Site with Spring Board Performance. 2-week Artist Residency. Calgary, CAN.


Artist Opportunity Grant. Calgary Arts Development & The City of Calgary.

INTERRARIUM Artist Residency & Scholarship. 10-day Research and Mentorship. Facilitated by Benîot Lachambre & Phillip Adams. Banff Arts Center, CAN.



5-week Professional Dance Training. ImPulsTanz Festival. Vienna, Austria


3-Month P.O.R.C.H. Program. Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Germany. (Professional training in movement, performance and chorerography) Studied with Meg Stuart, Kathleen Hermesdorff, Stephanie Maher.

2-week Coaching Project. ImPulsTanz. Keith Hennessey. Vienna, Austria.


2-year Studies Contemporary Dance Program at the University of Calgary, Canada


5-week MELT Summer Intensive with Movement Research, NYC, USA

*Studied with Tere O’Connor, Susan Rethorst, Yvonne Meier, Jeremy Nelson, KJ

Holmes, Barbara Mahler.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, University of Calgary, CAN.


Grade 10 Piano & Music Theory Diploma. Royal Conservatory of Music.




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